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By queen / February 8, 2020

Credit Karma Coupon Codes


In a world where our credit information often determines the quality of life we have, it’s vital to have a company who can monitor your credit rating and financial information and inform you of any chances. Not only does it help you spot identity theft early on, but it allows you to improve your credit rating. Knowledge here is key.

Credit Karma continues to give you the best deal of all: a free credit report to kick things off in a new year and constant monitoring of any changes to that report. They now allow you to file your taxes for free as well, a huge amount of savings to some filers. In-depth monitoring often comes with deep discounts, too.

More coupons and discounts are coming soon.

Credit Karma Review

Have you ever tried to get an auto loan and been turned down because of your credit rating? If so, you know firsthand how useful credit monitoring services like Credit Karma can be. Just by knowing your credit score and seeing the reasons behind it, you can begin to rebuild your credit and get that score up where it needs to be.

In addition to giving you free basic credit monitoring services and letting you see your credit score, Credit Karma strives to help you get the best credit cards for your particular credit score. Need an auto loan or to refinance an auto loan? They can match your credit score to a company that is willing to help you. That’s not all they do, though.


  • Advanced features include searching for unclaimed money and in-depth identity monitoring that keeps your information safe
  • They have a truly useful blog that gives you all forms of financial information and tips for managing your money better
  • Huge sections on credit card reviews that match your credit score
  • Auto loan assistance
  • A helpful how it works section that really lays out the benefits of using Credit Karma

Pros and Cons

What’s good and what’s bad about Credit Karma?


  • The sheer amount of information about financial matters will give you greater peace of mind going forward
  • You get your credit score absolutely free and from there can decide whether or not to pay for monitoring services; in many cases just knowing your credit score is a terrific start to better financial health
  • Their blog section covers a broad spectrum of topics that people of all incomes and credit scores can relate to and benefit from
  • They have stellar customer service personnel that are compassionate and understanding of your situation and eager to answer any questions
  • They offer free trials of their services many times a year to give you a chance to see just how it pays to pay for those services later on


  • It would be nice to see more information on the homepage
  • New financial services would be more than welcome, as Credit Karma has had the same services for awhile

The Final Verdict

Credit Karma is part free credit score, part credit monitoring service. You get a free credit score, but you pay for the monitoring services. Identity monitoring is of paramount importance in a day and age where so many people have their lives ruined by identity theft.

People who are concerned about their credit often wonder which credit cards they qualify for. Thanks to their unique partnerships and research, Credit Karma is able to match your credit rating with the credit cards you’re most likely to qualify for, saving you tons of time avoiding cards that aren’t right for you.

The paid monitoring service can help prevent incidents of identity theft, saving you countless thousands of dollars in the long run. And identity theft doesn’t just affect your financial situation. It can ruin reputation and ability to get services in the future. By preventing it in the first place, and responding quickly, you get your money’s worth from this service.

No one who cares about their financial future should be without a service like Credit Karma. As perhaps the leader in its field, it paved the way for other services as well, but it still remains your top option for a free credit score and simple credit monitoring. It retains a large following.

If you’re concerned about your credit score and have a loan or credit card you’re attempting to get, start at the beginning with a free credit score from Credit Karma. If you’re pleased with the way they operate their service, you may in time want to sign up for some of their other financial services. Credit Karma offers a lot of value.

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