Layla Mattress Coupon Codes And Review

By queen / February 8, 2020

Layla Mattress Promo Codes & Discounts


Layla Mattress offers “science-backed products for better sleep.” Their selection of luxurious mattresses are designed with the solid work of mattress research behind each and every one. It’s all about giving you a better night’s sleep. You want a mattress that promotes a healthier lifestyle.

The online store hits you with a $150 off mattresses with two free pillows for their President’s Day sale. Expect this type of coupon to update based on holidays or what promotion they’re running at any given time. This sale is typical of their generous deals.

They also have a $150 off memory foam mattresses right now, as well as a referral program that nets you $50 when your friends buy using the coupon you send them ($150 off as well). In the world of online retailers, Layla Mattress is among the most giving in terms of sales and coupons. They always have something.

Layla Mattress Review

The mattress menu at Layla Mattress is impressive by any retailer’s standards. You’ll find memory foam mattresses and hybrid mattresses that have been specially designed with your comfort in mind. They have excellent information about the perks of each type of mattress so you can pick out which one makes sense for you.

Plush pillows, sheets, and weighted sheets are all categories on the Layla website. You’ll find that their specially designed pillows and blankets give you a scientifically proven better night’s sleep and sense of well-being while you rest. The secret to a better day is a good night’s sleep. Layla products facilitate that.


  • Layla’s copper-based mattresses are scientifically proven to stay cooler than standard mattresses and offer a premium level of comfort reserved to this specific type of mattress
  • The natural antiviral and antibacterial properties of copper make for a clean sleeping environment both on their mattress and pillow products
  • People, Forbes, and Good Housekeeping magazines all had profoundly positive things to say about Layla Mattress
  • Copper mattresses are genuinely strong and durable, giving you firmness where you need it and a mattress that stands the test of time
  • Thanks to Layla Mattress, thousands of people are enjoying a better night’s sleep and being more productive during the day as a result

Pros and Cons

Are there any downsides to Layla Mattress products? Well, there’s always room for improvement, but for the most part, these mattresses and pillows are as close as it comes to perfection.


  • Copper mattresses stay cool during warm summer nights, giving you a crisp, refreshing night’s sleep every time
  • Layla constantly gives you the opportunity to save up to $200 on their products
  • Layla posts conclusive scientific studies and evidence that their mattresses do what they claim they do
  • Layla mattresses are flippable! You can turn them over to get firmness or to get a plusher sleeping experience, depending on your body’s needs that night
  • Layla partnered with Affirm so that you can get approved for financing and pay off your mattress in 3, 6, or 12 months, depending on what’s convenient for you


  • With mattresses, pillows, and sheets, they have a full array of products, but it would be nice to see even more diversity in product offerings
  • Even though Layla is packed with ways to save money on your purchase, it’d be nice to see even more great deals added

The Final Verdict

Layla Mattress sells copper mattresses that stay cool and keep your body at a comfortable temperature each night. They can be flipped to ensure that you get either a firm sleep or a soft, plushy sleep. They’re not just comfortable, though. They’re durable as it gets.

The support section of Layla is something to really appreciate as well. They answer questions about their offers, referral program, mattress science, and background on the company’s history and mission. Shoppers appreciate this level of devotion by any online retailer, so it’s nice to see so much transparency about the product.

Reviews also help you to get an idea of how other customers have appreciated the products in the past. While not everyone relies on reviews to buy, we recommend at least browsing through this section to see what Layla customers in the past thought of their many sleep-related products.

Layla Mattress will hopefully add even more sleep products in the future to help everyone have a much better night (and day after). Until then, you can see what they have on tap right here. If you’re tired of the uncomfortable and/or generic night’s sleep you get in your life now, Layla may be the answer.

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