Stubhub Coupons And Review

By queen / February 7, 2020

Stubhub Coupon Codes


Stubhub is a well-known and premier place to buy tickets for concerts, sporting events, theater dates, and much more. If it’s an event, Stubhub has a ticket for it. They feature tickets for venues in every major and minor city in the world, all for competitive prices.

You can almost always nab an online coupon code that will net you savings on your favorite nights out. For example, a 10% off event is going on right now for March Madness tickets (MADNESS2019). Others have had success with a 10% off sitewide coupon code (CRMNEW4N8JNKJ7J6).

Stubhub Review

Stubhub is great for letting you know what’s going on in a city at any given time. Their “Top Cities” section of their website plays host to popular hotspots like Atlanta, Los Angeles, and New York, all home to some of your most popular events of the year, every year.

They show the little guys a lot of love, too, and let you see events for lesser known cities throughout the United States, along with a breakdown of your favorite headliner’s career path and future events. If you love a comedian, you can learn about that act and where they’ll perform next.

When buying tickets, this information is crucial. Maybe you just want to try something new, a new play or a new type of music concert. If so, it helps to have that in-depth background information on the act so that you can make a good decision as to whether or not they’re your cup of tea.


  • Background information on the acts they sell tickets for
  • Musician biographies
  • Easy to purchase gift cards that let you give tickets as gifts
  • Excellent customer support that responds quickly
  • All orders are 100% guaranteed

Pros and Cons

Even the best ticket selling company in the world can’t have roses without a few thorns. While Stubhub is by no means perfect, it’s pretty close.


  • Fantastic track record of correct concert info and ticket info
  • Diagrams of seating charts so that you can easily decide which seat in the house is right for you
  • A special emphasis on tickets for events that are closest to you
  • Tickets for smaller venues as well
  • Accurate information about artists and good web content


  • All ticket sellers can always improve a bit on categorizing their tickets, but Stubhub is still one of the best at this
  • It would be nice to see coupons and promo codes displayed more prominently on the website

The Final Verdict

Stubhub has been around for over a decade now, and you can bet that they’ll be around a decade from now and beyond. Their commitment to accurate information about their venues and the seating at those venues, along with their 100% guarantee make them one among the big league ticket sellers on the web.

With Stubhub, you have the convenience of having access to tickets for millions of events over the course of your life, right at your fingertips via their website or even mobile device if you’re a more on the go person. They organize everything simply and to do the point.

Be sure to take advantage of their search feature as well. Can you think of a music act you’ve always wanted to see? Type in their name, and you’re going to get their entire concert schedule for the foreseeable future. Every ticket site should have a search feature that simple, but they don’t.

Another feature that you shouldn’t ignore is that they allow you to sell your tickets as well. Don’t overlook the significance of that feature! Because you can sell your tickets, that means everyone else can, too, and it increases the number of event tickets available on Stubhub as compared to other websites.

You can give out gift cards for tickets as well. They have it featured at the top of their page so that you can always give the gift of event tickets to anyone you love. It makes a perfect, simple gift that gives them a day or night they won’t soon forget.

We highly recommend Stubhub for general concert tickets and for finding them at more competitive pricing because of their neat sell-back feature. You can visit them for yourself and learn more about their services.

Vaporfi Coupons And Review

By queen / February 7, 2020

Vaporfi Coupon Codes


Vaporfi has an outstanding reputation among online vape smokers. They sell a wide array of products for vaping, including e-liquids specially blended to your tastes, CBD products, and creative and functional apparatus for your vaping experience.

Vaporfi starts things off right with a popup offer for 15% off coupon just for entering your email address. It takes only a couple of seconds to enter everything and press “get my 15% off.” Coupon codes are prominently displayed in a slideshow at the top of the website, giving you deals like buy 3 and get 1 free. Shipping is always free.

Vaporfi Review

Vaporfi’s website is flashy but professional, really capturing your attention with ways to save right off the bat. Their slideshow area at the top is impossible to miss. They clearly label all of their products, from e-liquids, to CBD-related products, kits & mods, and accessories.


  • Their “vapetender” mix program allows you to mix three different flavors together for a unique flavor creation
  • They conveniently allow you to customize your vaporizer in a way that gives you complete control over your experience
  • Customer support is available 24 hours a day
  • Featured products show you what’s hot now
  • You can save 10% on your first autodelivery order

What impresses people most of all is the sheer depth of Vaporfi’s product line. They have all the most popular brands, but they carry exotic favorites, too, and many surprises. What they aspire to create is a level of customization that other vape shops simply won’t, or can’t, provide.

Perhaps most appealing of all is the fact that you don’t have to have a minimum order amount to get free shipping. It’s available on almost every product on Vaporfi with no stipulations that you have to order a certain amount of liquid, hardware or accessories. That’s going to save customers a ton of money.

You’ll find a generous number of CBD products available on Vaporfi as well, all organized tidily in a way that makes it easy to find the best deals. They have a dazzling assortment of CBD products, including:

  • Vape juice
  • Cartridges
  • Edibles
  • Oil
  • Tinctures
  • CBD for pets

Pros and Cons

The depth of Vaporfi’s product like is great, but how’s everything else? You can’t have a rainbow without a little rain, so here is a breakdown of pros and cons to help you figure out if Vaporfi delivers the goods with few downsides.


  • A huge selection of vaping liquids, hardware, accessories, and CBD-infused products
  • 24/7 customer support that never fails to live up to the challenge
  • A stunning reputation with fans
  • The power to mix your own flavors together for brand new thrills
  • Heavy customization options that give you complete control of your hardware


  • For new users just starting out, you might have to do a bit of research to understand the true wizardry of their customization featuresf
  • Their hardware is top notch, pro level quality, so expect to pay for the quality

The Final Verdict

When someone is really into the vape scene, they want to have Grade-A options to configure their hardware and their juices. Vaporfi is a shop for pros, for people who know vaping hardware so well that they can customize it with their own component configurations and really come out with something amazing.

It’s also a shop that gives vaping pros the ability to save money when they spend money. They have a wealth of % off coupon deals and frequent buy X get X sales, all of which they don’t hide deep in the website. They post them front and center to save you money.

Customers report a good rapport with Vaporfi customer service. That’s something you can’t have enough of in this industry. If you’re a beginner, expect Vaporfi’s team to be patient with you and help you understand their products. If you’re a pro that has a problem, they step up to the plate.

The sheer amount of inventory on Vaporfi’s website is going to get you excited about vaping again even if you’ve been at this for awhile now. It’s great to see a website that is 100% devoted to its product, that genuinely loves its product and wants to share it with other excited people.

Our recommendation is to get in on the mixology fun at Vaporfi and visit today to find out what all the fuss is about. While you might pay a little more for quality, true vaping enthusiasts know it’s worth it.

123Print Coupons And Review

By queen / February 6, 2020

123Print sells professional-grade business cards for active businesses that are willing to spend a bit more to enhance reputation. Their sleek, high quality materials make for business cards that really come alive and give your business an upscale vibe.

Coupon Codes for 123Print

This company is bustling with ways to save on their products. The first thing you’ll see when you go to their site is an offer for a 20% off coupon when you sign up for their latest offers and discounts. Just punch in your email address, and you’ll receive that code right in your inbox, along with a host of different discounts delivered regularly.

Current coupons are plentiful. Right now they have a 20.20% off all throughout the site with an extra $10 off when you spend a minimum of $100. The more you spend, the more you save. Frequent holiday coupons are also on the horizon when you do business with them, and you can get free ground shipping all year long.

123Print Review

123Print offers a host of helpful categories for all business printing needs. To give you an idea of the expansiveness of their catalog, take a look at just a few of their most popular categories:

  • Office & Stationary
  • Business Cards
  • Post-It Notes
  • Greeting Cards
  • Create Your Own Print Products

It’s a bonanza of print services that give you high quality materials and the ability to customize almost every product on the site with your own personal business logo, images, or slogans. You’ll find that their features are rich and varied so that you can really create something beautiful every time.


Look at just a few of the features you grab when you shop at

Create Your Own

You can use their high quality print materials to create greeting cards, stationary, and much more using your own business images and a wide array of exciting fonts to bring your vision to life. Best of all, they allow for unlimited uploads on all images, something that so many other companies simply won’t allow.


Print products always need to have a wide array of options, and 123print gives you that. You can make 12, 14, and 15 card stock in your choice of two finishes: glossy or matte. A couple of really neat options are their linen cards and magnetic cards.


Most companies in this category do not offer free shipping, but on 4-7 day ground shipping, 123print will get your purchase out to you for free. They have the option to upgrade for a fee, but that fee is reasonably priced and easy to select if you need to bump up your shipping option.

Bulk Buys

Their $22.95 for 200 card offer is outstanding and is one of the superstar deals. Buying in bulk will net you a lot of savings, and most of the time, businesses need to buy in bulk. You can tell that this feature is set out to impress businesses with large order needs. It works!

Pros & Cons

It can’t all be good. No business is perfect, but you want to shop at places that get as close to perfect as possible. 123print certainly has more pros than cons, but it’s important to know the cons anyway.


  • High quality paper stock
  • Tons of customization options
  • No restrictions on the number of images you can use per product
  • A huge assortment of print products
  • Great customer service
  • A generous shipping policy for ground shipping


  • 123print is more expensive than other print businesses, but it’s because you’re paying for quality
  • It would be nice to see more free shipping categories, such as free two day shipping

The Bottom Line is one of the most useful of all printing services companies online. They have a massive following with online businesses trying to make sure they reach out to people in the real world, too. Their paper is higher quality than many other businesses, and they strive to provide excellent customer service.

The number of coupons and promo codes they offer throughout the year is also impressive. At any given time on their homepage, you’ll see a coupon or promo right front and center, showing just how much they want to help their business customers save money.

Personal uses of are plentiful, too. Someone can make a greeting card for a family member or get mailing materials that are customized. Whether for business or pleasure, has high quality paper materials, customization options, and plenty of savings. You can check them out here.

Turbotax Coupons And Review

By queen / February 6, 2020

Turbo Tax is a software tool that helps consumers file taxes. By answering a series of simple questions, Turbo Tax does the work for you. All you have to do is hit submit to file.


Turbotax Coupons & Discount Options

Amazon boasts some exclusive Turbo Tax deals. By purchasing the TurboTax Deluxe + State 2019 Download you can save $20.00 off the list price. If Premier + State 2019 is what you need, the Amazon Exclusive prices saves you a whopping $35.00.

If you don’t want to order online, head to your local Target to save $ 20.00 on the TurboTax Deluxe + State 2019 Download and pay only $39.00. TurboTax Premier + State 2019 Download is also available for the same Amazon savings of $35.00.

If you need more of the advanced options, Office Max is offering a savings of up to $15.00. They carry TurboTax® 2019, Home and Business Federal Efile, Download, and TurboTax® 2019, Business Federal EFile, Download. Both carry a hefty price tag of over $100.00, but with the savings, a few more bucks end up in your wallet.

Some stores are also offering gift card promotions. Best Buy is running a $10 gift card bonus with a Turbo Tax Purchase. This can be coupled with the sale they’re already offering on the product. Turbo Tax itself will also give you $10 for every friend you refer to the site who uses the software to file.

Visit Retail Me Not and sift through the various links you can click to save some dough. They offer 1% cash back on purchases as well as up to $20.00 off through the Turbo Tax website.


Turbo Tax Review

All of these savings options makes Turbo Tax sound like a great deal, but how does the software compare to other services? For starters, the Q + A section couldn’t be simpler. Users simply log on with an email and password to complete the various categories that ask for things like income, wages and other household information.

If you get stuck while completing the return, simply click the help button to search on any number of topics from what specific forms are used for to what the IRS stipulates as a deduction. You can live chat or even call the Turbo Tax hotline for any help.

For an extra fee, you are able to have your tax return reviewed by a CPA, EAA or practicing attorney. Turbo Tax recognizes that some are leery of filing without consulting an expert, and offers this optional service as a way to ease consumers’ minds.

Let’s see how the pros and cons stack up:


  • Live video chat from tax professionals
  • Easy user-interface with simple questions that you can follow
  • Features an online FAQ section
  • Can log on from anywhere to complete taxes
  • More economical than hiring an accountant


  • On the pricier end as far as tax software is concerned
  • Expert review by a CPA costs an extra fee

If you are confident about filing on your own, and even if you’re not, Turbo Taxes’ support tools, and approachable format will have you filing your taxes in no time. This paired with coupon deals makes Turbo Tax a viable choice for the smart consumer.

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