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By queen / February 8, 2020

RocketTheme Coupon Codes & Discounts


Joomla is one of the sleekest, most popular content management systems in the world, offering a professional-grade spin on all of your website’s content. RocketTheme offers what they call “awesomazing Joomla templates” that number in the thousands. If you want a snazzy, intriguing Joomla site, RocketTheme is a perfect service.

RocketTheme also offers GRAV and WordPress templates designed to bring beauty and appeal to your content. They have an easily spotted “perks” link at the top right of their categories so that you can easily see RocketTheme coupons and discounts. Discounts aren’t just for their templates but for hosting and other web-related services.

RocketTheme Review

When you publish content online, you have to catch the eye of your visitors. It can’t be any old design or any old layout. It has to really have something special about it. RocketTheme’s templates are curated for their uniqueness and professionalism. They place a strong emphasis on customization, allowing you to tailor templates to your needs.

They have a mobile-first mentality. Given that most people use websites on mobile devices in this new era of the web, it’s vital to have those built-in templates with mobile functionality. Templates need to pop and sizzle, but they need to do so on mobile platforms, something so many other template designers leave out.


  • Extensive documentation about all of their products so that you can manipulate those products to work in your best interests
  • Templates are highly responsive and designed to give a high degree of interactivity to your creations
  • Expert grade 24/7 tech support that gives you an instant connection to the people who know how these templates work best
  • Extensions for your templates allow you to set up your Joomla, WordPress, or GRAV website precisely the way you want it to be
  • Very affordable templates that give you a high degree of professional features without breaking into your piggy bank and draining your budget

Pros and Cons

Where there’s an up, there’s a down. How does RocketTheme’s pros measure up against the cons?


  • Thousands and thousands of high customization themes to choose from in every single category you can imagine
  • Perfect for small websites or even enterprise level websites where there are many visitors roaming through your content
  • Elegant, functional design that grows with you and your vision for your web content
  • e-Commerce level solutions available
  • Built on the award-winning Gantry framework that makes it seamless to add and edit content on the fly


  • For beginners, it might take a bit of research to understand just why RocketTheme is such an important part of your success, and you may have to work with tech support to get through the initial period, but it’s perfect for pros

As you can see, the pros far outweigh the cons of opting for RocketTheme for your many CMS needs. In the end, you win.

The Final Verdict

The content you create online can’t just be text anymore. You need images, videos, interactive features, and a design that fits into the modern landscape of success and feedback. In the old days, people just wrote and let others read it. Now you’re writing for responses.

With the top notch mobile-first design philosophy, you can tap into the rich resource of mobile users to grow your audience and capture their attention on a daily basis. To do that, you need features that don’t just look pretty but work flawlessly with what you’re trying to do.

While RocketTheme does charge for their Joomla themes, it’s more than worth the price you pay. Given the amount of success it can bring you, it’s no wonder that we consider the initial $59 price tag for the majority of themes to be a real steal. It’s like getting endless success for just $59. Would you pay that much to have a thriving content hub right now?

If you sign up for RocketTheme’s club membership, you get access to every single extension in their library for free. Extensions allow you to showcase in an elegant, seamless way the most significant pieces of content that you have to share with visitors. RocketTheme’s extensions are easy to learn how to use and capitalize on.

Your vision for the web can’t look like anyone else’s. Instead of creating a cookie cutter website, you can stand out with the power of RocketTheme. Even if you’ve never heard of them, trust us that they’re one of the best in the industry, and get to their website right now to see what all the fuss is about. It can change the game.

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