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By queen / February 7, 2020

Stubhub Coupon Codes


Stubhub is a well-known and premier place to buy tickets for concerts, sporting events, theater dates, and much more. If it’s an event, Stubhub has a ticket for it. They feature tickets for venues in every major and minor city in the world, all for competitive prices.

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Stubhub Review

Stubhub is great for letting you know what’s going on in a city at any given time. Their “Top Cities” section of their website plays host to popular hotspots like Atlanta, Los Angeles, and New York, all home to some of your most popular events of the year, every year.

They show the little guys a lot of love, too, and let you see events for lesser known cities throughout the United States, along with a breakdown of your favorite headliner’s career path and future events. If you love a comedian, you can learn about that act and where they’ll perform next.

When buying tickets, this information is crucial. Maybe you just want to try something new, a new play or a new type of music concert. If so, it helps to have that in-depth background information on the act so that you can make a good decision as to whether or not they’re your cup of tea.


  • Background information on the acts they sell tickets for
  • Musician biographies
  • Easy to purchase gift cards that let you give tickets as gifts
  • Excellent customer support that responds quickly
  • All orders are 100% guaranteed

Pros and Cons

Even the best ticket selling company in the world can’t have roses without a few thorns. While Stubhub is by no means perfect, it’s pretty close.


  • Fantastic track record of correct concert info and ticket info
  • Diagrams of seating charts so that you can easily decide which seat in the house is right for you
  • A special emphasis on tickets for events that are closest to you
  • Tickets for smaller venues as well
  • Accurate information about artists and good web content


  • All ticket sellers can always improve a bit on categorizing their tickets, but Stubhub is still one of the best at this
  • It would be nice to see coupons and promo codes displayed more prominently on the website

The Final Verdict

Stubhub has been around for over a decade now, and you can bet that they’ll be around a decade from now and beyond. Their commitment to accurate information about their venues and the seating at those venues, along with their 100% guarantee make them one among the big league ticket sellers on the web.

With Stubhub, you have the convenience of having access to tickets for millions of events over the course of your life, right at your fingertips via their website or even mobile device if you’re a more on the go person. They organize everything simply and to do the point.

Be sure to take advantage of their search feature as well. Can you think of a music act you’ve always wanted to see? Type in their name, and you’re going to get their entire concert schedule for the foreseeable future. Every ticket site should have a search feature that simple, but they don’t.

Another feature that you shouldn’t ignore is that they allow you to sell your tickets as well. Don’t overlook the significance of that feature! Because you can sell your tickets, that means everyone else can, too, and it increases the number of event tickets available on Stubhub as compared to other websites.

You can give out gift cards for tickets as well. They have it featured at the top of their page so that you can always give the gift of event tickets to anyone you love. It makes a perfect, simple gift that gives them a day or night they won’t soon forget.

We highly recommend Stubhub for general concert tickets and for finding them at more competitive pricing because of their neat sell-back feature. You can visit them for yourself and learn more about their services.

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