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By queen / February 7, 2020

WebHosting Pad Coupon Codes


WebHostingPad is one of the world’s premier affordable web hosting solutions for everything from domain names, site builders, content management systems, and SSL certificates, among many other free and paid services.

The first thing you’ll notice at WebHostingPad is that they have a diverse array of free features. You can get a free domain name when you buy hosting through WebHostingPad and a Free SSL Certificate for your site. Their mobile-ready site builders are ideal and free as well.

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WebHostingPad Review

Running a website is complex, so you need a powerful supply of tools at your disposal. In the beginning, when traffic is relatively low, it’s vital to have affordable hosting. WebHostingPad is among the most affordable in the world, with plans starting at just $1.99.

For larger sites that know they need VPS hosting (Virtual Private Server), they’ve got a plan starting at just $29.99 a month. Keep in mind this is self-managed hosting, so you’ll need to manage your own VPS, but you get a wide array of features that make it a piece of cake for more experienced users.

They have WordPress and Weebly hosting as well for people who use those platforms to build their content on the web. WordPress hosting starts at just $2.99 a month, while Weebly hosting starts at $1.99. In addition to these bare bones plans, you have many upgrade options as your site grows.


  • Unlimited professional email accounts that give you and all of your team a personal link to your world of customers and partners
  • 24/7 US-based support that is easy to contact and interact with
  • Comes with a 99% uptime guarantee so that you know your customers and/or readers always have access to your content
  • Expansive mobile-compatible building solutions that let you easily tap into the rich number of mobile users that access your content
  • They make it easy to transfer an existing website from a hosting provider you’re not happy with

Pros and Cons

What’s good and bad about WebHostingPad?


  • The tech support is always available, giving you a constant link to the people that can address any questions you have about your hosting and domain names
  • Signing up for web hosting plans is easy, and they have affordable plans and then more expensive packages that give you a richer diversity of features
  • Their control panel is one of the easiest in the business to use, with everything you need organized in a structure that makes sense
  • Integrate powerful e-commerce solutions right into your hosting package
  • Automated Weekly Backup Service


  • While a VPS for $29.99 a month is a massive advantage in web hosting, it would be nice to see them upgrade to more managed services someday
  • As always, with affordable solutions, there will be limited bandwidth, so that you need to upgrade as your site grows (but that’s a good thing to happen)

The Final Verdict

Web hosting has grown simpler over the years, and while there are many affordable hosting solutions out there, very few of them take care of your needs as comprehensively as WebHostingPad does. They have more features than we could list here.

Reports of their tech support have been overwhelmingly positive compared to similarly priced services. Their Weebly option is a nice touch, too, because so many hosts don’t provide hosting and support for Weebly fans. Businesses will also appreciate the professional email accounts.

Your business, however small, needs a minimal level of functionality to get by. With WebHostingPad’s large number of account plans, ability to grow as your audience does, and VPS hosting solutions, they can take a business from small to business very efficiently.

The 99% uptime guarantee is another sign of assurance from your host. They monitor uptime just like you do, and that means you’re never going to lose readers because your website is down or too slow to accommodate them.

The ability to buy your domain name from WebHostingPad and then take your website on a starter journey before growing along with your audience is a major selling point for a site like WebHostingPad. Most of us start small and then grow into the area we’ve chosen. They know how to facilitate that journey affordably.

Security on WebHostingPad is rock solid on their end and for all of their websites. The addition of free security certificates and then other security measures, including virus scans, make for peace of mind for yourself and your customers.

If you have a vision for creating content or services on the web, check them out today. They won’t be the ideal solution for everyone out there, but they will definitely be the choice for many of you, and it’s a good choice.

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