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By queen / February 8, 2020

WorldPetExpress Coupon Codes & Deals


Your precious furry friends deserve to have timely, effective medicine when they’re under the weather. Unfortunately veterinarians often charge exorbitant prices for medications you can now get much cheaper online. At the heart of the WorldPetExpress service is a desire to save people like you money.

WorldPetExpress has a handy starred section called “Special Offers” right at the top right of their website. By sharing the site on social media, you can earn either a 2% discount or a 10% discount. They update these special offers frequently. Their Best Price Guarantee promises to match any other price you find online for meds.

WorldPetExpress Review

If you’re a puppy/dog or cat/kitten owner, you’re going to find a wealthy number of popular pet meds at your fingertips on WorldPetExpress. They sell today’s most effective heartworm, flea & tick, and wormer medications each and every day, all at a price you can afford.

They make it clear from the beginning that they’re in the business of keeping your wallet as healthy as your pets. Their goal is to save you money and keep you from paying those outrageous vet prices for medications that they offer for far less.

Transparency counts with them, too. They let you know that they’re a certified Canadian pharmacy and that the meds you’re getting are just like you would get anywhere else, just for less money. You’ll find that their selection includes today’s most popular pet medications.


  • A huge selection of popular pet medications like Heartgard Plus, Revolution, and Frontline Plus
  • A very simple website layout that makes it easy to pinpoint what you’re looking for and get to their checkout quickly and easily
  • A neat blog that keeps you up to date on pet-related medication news that can really make a difference in your pet’s health
  • Frequently updated deals that keep you saving money whenever you shop with WorldPetExpress
  • A handy newsletter to sign up for that can keep you in the loop on pet meds and net you additional savings

Pros and Cons

WorldPetExpress continues to provide excellent service and pricing on pet medications, but is there anything else that might get in the way of all that convenience?


  • A huge selection of today’s most popular and well-known pet meds for worms and heartworms
  • Tons of information about each medication they sell so that you know exactly what it does for your pet
  • A genuinely caring attitude about your pets and consideration for your budget
  • Tons of specials on their most popular products
  • Quality customer care and a good sense of communication with customers at every level of the buying process


  • For now, the medications are limited to problems like heartworms and worms, so it will be nice to see them expand their catalog categories over time and add more medications
  • We love the blog entries but would like to see more of them more often

The Bottom Line

Pet medications are some of the most expensive medications in the world, and it can be really expensive to keep those little critters healthy over time. If you’re often short on cash and simply can’t afford vet prescriptions, it’s vital to find a way to buy these medications for your beloved pets. WorldPetExpress helps you do that.

They’re a certified Canadian pharmacy, so your medications are going to be legal and safe to buy for your furry friends. It’s a great way to make sure that your pets get the medications they need to prevent fatal conditions like heartworms, all at a price that will leave you more money left to buy them toys.

You can grab all of your medications automatically, too, with their auto-order so that you never forget to get those medications each month. You can also buy in bulk and save much more money by doing so. Signing up for an account is incredibly easy, and you can get started on your first purchase right away.

Our recommendation is to always check their Special Offers section before buying. You’re going to net more savings that way. And don’t forget to sign up for that newsletter! You’ll get plenty of deals and coupons sent through to your email each month. Just use the coupon and promo codes to save on your orders.

If you have beloved pets, WorldPetExpress is a lifesaver for them and a wallet-saver for you. Don’t dismiss the importance of saving a few dollars on those medications every month. It really adds up. You can visit WorldPetExpress right here and get started on your first shipment of lifesaving pet medications.

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